Padmavat (1540)

Jayasi was a sufi poet. The Islamic mysticism is called 'Sufism' and mystics 'Sufis'. Their philosophy is called 'Tasawuff' also. The epic 'Padmavat' is unparalleled in its presenting sufi mythology and sufi faith, composed in Hizari 947, christian year 1540, and unsecond of its type.

The story

The lovely touching love story of a Hindu lover and beloved has been made the basis dipped in historical and imaginative mixture of sensation. The daughter of King Gandharvasen, the king of Singhal Dweep is the most beautiful girl of this world.Her parrot 'Hiraman' is very clever and learned bird. The father of Padmavati decides to kill it when the bird is ready to make search for a good husband, but is rescued on request. One day it flies, It is captured, sold and again bought by King Ratnasen, the king of Chittore

It describes the beauty of the precious girl Padmavati. Ratnasen gets lunatic to get her, starts to Singhal Dweep with 16 thousand princes. Hiraman as a guide helps him. Crossing several oceans Ratnasen stays in Shiva Temple. Hiraman goes to Padmavati and narrates King's temple approach. On 'Vasant Panchami' she comes there. Ratnasen gets fainted seenig her charming beauty. She writes on his breast with sandle pase - Yogi, you learnt not the 'yoga' of an ability to get alms. You slept while the time of acceptance came knocking at your door. Ratnasen awoke with a sudden alarm will furiousness to suicide. Shiva and Parvati gave him 'Siddha Gulika'. Any way, by grace of God, he got married with Padmavati.

The first queen 'Nagmati's viyog for the king is on extreme. The story gets deepness and greatness when the Muslim King 'Alauddin' attacks on Chittore to get Padmavati. Ratnasen is killed and both queen burn their body and be 'Sati'.


This love is the 'Sadhana' of Sufis. The story is symbolical. Padmavati is the symbol of God. Ratnasen is 'Sadhak' devoted love-dipped penance is the way. The symbolic mystry he hiself explains :

"तन चितउर, मन राजा कीन्हा
हिय सिंघल बुधु पद्मिनि चीन्हा ।
गुरु सुवा जे पन्थ दिखावा
बिनु गुरु जगत को निर्गुन पावा ।
नागमती यह दुनिया धन्धा
बांचा सोइ न एहि चित बन्धा ।
राघव इत सोई शैतानू
माया अलाउदीन सुल्तानू ।"

The 'Barahmasa' of Nagmati is unparallel in literature. Acharya Ram Chandra Shukla comments that this Barahmasa of Jayasi is most precious jewel of Hindi Literature. The whole creation is wet in the tears of Nagmati. Dr. Jayadev in his research work on Jayasi says that this is a sweet epic of noted value where life in its different dimensions is depicted. Truly on each step the spiritual indications increase its worth. The historical event has been a practical proceeding forever in its touch and clutch.

Like other Sant-poets the langauge of Jayasi is not flexible in order and arrangement. 'Awadhi' is grandly used. 'Doha' 'Chaupayi' and 'Soratha' are well balanced in his works.

Really, Jayasi was representative poet of 'Premashrayi' Shakha of 'Nirgun Sampradaay' . His popularity is proved by this that his 'Padmavat' has been translated in English, French, Bengla, Pasto, Persian and Urdu.
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  1. हिमांशु जी , मुझे अपनी MSc की शिक्षा के दौरान लाइब्रेरी से मालिक मोहम्मद जायसी का ग्रन्थ पद्मावत पढ़ने का अवसर मिला था | उस ग्रन्थ की अश्लीलता मुझे तो कतई नहीं भायी | जबकि आप लिखते है कि जायसी एक सूफी कवि थे ? किस तरह ? उस दौर की विरक्ति आज भी चित्त में यथावत है | आप किस आधार पर जायसी को इतनी श्रेष्ठता देते है ?

  2. I think you are indicating 'Nakh-shikh varnan' of Jayasi in Padmavat. It is our poetic traditon in Hindi literature to draw 'Nakh-Shikh Varnan' in the course of descripting Nayika's beauty. Appreciating Nayika's beauty by the description of every part of her body, it is quite natural to create these poetic examples.

    As I have given a piece in 'Hindi' in this post, you can easily realise the symbolical and mystical approach of Jayasi in Padmavat. We can not cancel Jayasi's favour only for his Nakh-Sikh' description.


  3. Above comment is addressed to Mr. RD saxena.

  4. All this is just a story but not a History..? wasn't there any Singhal Dweep? pls reply to

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  6. Padmavat Mein Jis Tarah Jayasi saheb ne nakh-shik varnan kiya hai vaisa khoobsurat kahi nahi milta.

    Aap agar usmein chupe bhaavo ko padhenge to aapko ye bohat pasand aayega

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